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[Ubuntu] Utiliser un mobile Sony Ericsson V600i en bluetooth avec KDE

mercredi 17 janvier 2007, par Quentin Drouet

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Installer kmobiletools

Installation of the tools necessary to use Bluetooth phones with KMobileTools.

Dans Edgy, le Bluetooth est supporté automatiquement. Il suffit d’installer quelques packages :

sudo apt-get install

You only need to install some packages.

From the website, Downloads section, get all the avaliable archives and install them in this order :







in the usual way :



(this as root) make install

or you can go to to find some precompiled deb e rpm packages. Now we need to launch two little daemons :




When connecting our USB Bluetooth key, or any other adapter, check dmesg output to verify if your device is recognized.

The next step is to view your phone address. Open bluetooth connection on your phone and type on your terminal :

hcitool scan


after a bit you’ll read something similar to :

00:0E:07:CF:C2:C9 iManc T630

The first string is the phone address (depending from your model), the second is his name.

Now we need to create a device /dev/rfcomm0 that will associate with that address. With :

mknod /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0

create /dev/rfcomm0 if it’s not present, and with :

rfcomm bind 0 "Adresse du téléphone" 2

associate it with your phone address..

To use qtmobiletools you should now only link /dev/mobile to /dev/rfcomm0 :

ln -s /dev/rfcomm0 /dev/mobile

Or you can overwrite /dev/mobile if it exists with :

ln -sf /dev/rfcomm0 /dev/mobile

That’s all, now your BlueTooth phone and KMobileTools can communicate !

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